Liquefied Natural GAS (LNG)

The Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a natural gas which is liquefied by cooling it to a temperature around minus -160 degrees centigrade. This liquid form of LNG occupies 600 times less space than a gas. This decrease of volume allows cost effective capacity and transportation of LNG over long distances. The main purpose of this area is to strengthen the transport, storage and distribution infrastructure of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in all scales, to advcane its utilization as an alternative fuel and as a solution for overland, rail and sea transport.

LNG logistics optimization

The overall aspects of an LNG supply chain with Development of optimized solutions, from the view of LNG transfer and refuelling (loading and unloading) and in the equipment and procedures that ensures the amount and quality of the transferred fuel (LNG metrology).


Reliable and Flexible Bunkering - LNG as an efficient transport fuel

Our main goal is to promote LNG use as an alternative fuel. Bunkering may happen from ship refuelling logistics solutions as shore-to-deliver, truck-to-ship or ship-to-dispatch, contingent upon your cruising course, timetable and fuel needs.

We endeavor to be in the front line of creating operational systems, specialized arrangements, and hazard and well being evaluations. We cooperate with our clients and different associations to share and actualize best practice.



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