Power Trading

Solstar is one of the biggest here and now control merchants in Europe. Exchanging crosswise over 37 nations, we process and break down immense measures of information consistently, empowering our dealers to enhance their systems, and bring vitality from where it is in excess, to where it is required most.

How we work in Power Trading?

Solstar assumes an essential part in building up Europe's changed vitality markets. As a committed vitality exchanging organization, we challenge market inefficiencies and bring intensity, liquidity and straightforwardness to energy markets across Europe. A main player in here and now control exchanging and cross-fringe control exchanging, Solstar utilizes its unrivaled all inclusive market nearness to catch openings and convey power to the most noteworthy yielding markets. We work every minute of every day/365 and depend on our solid information investigation abilities and top notch dispatching setup to contend in forward, day-ahead and intraday markets. With our exchanging aptitudes as the center, we likewise help vitality makers, providers, middle people, and substantial customers to explore the unpredictable power markets. We advance creation and obtainment of vitality and diminish chance administration costs.


Where we Trade?

With exchanging exercises in 37 nations crosswise over Europe, including Albania, Bosnia, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, we have an unrivaled impression in the business sectors for European power exchanging. Wherever there is a business opportunity, there is a part for us to play as an impetus for showcase improvement.



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