Wholesale VOIP

​Your business needs the highest-quality voice services — Regardless of whether you're an affiliate, hoster, specialist, service provider or just looking to simplify your operations, you require great voice abilities at a reasonable cost. We offer a completely managed and customizable Wholesale VoIP carrier solution. Our outbound service, which currently supports G.711 and G.729 codecs, allows you to take full advantage of the best available call quality. We'll ensure your voice gets heard — around the workplace and around the globe.


Short Duration Termination

- Aggressive short duration rates

- Aggregation of multiple carriers specializing in short duration traffic

- Customizable offering with high capacity, reaching 5000 calls per second


Toll Free Termination

- Providing FREE Toll Free Termination to North America

- Full accurate CLID delivered as sent

- CODECS Supported: G711 and G729

- IP Based Authentication


Call Termination

- Premium conversational traffic with direct routes

- Aggressive rates Custom, flexible solutions

- Least cost routing

- Carrier class facilities

- Private or public SIP options

Become VoIP Reseller

At Solstar we offer wholesale VoIP services to a variety of business segments. Our current main solutions include A-Z VoIP Termination, VoIP SIP Origination, IP-PBX and an Automatic Dialer solution. We would be happy to tailor a custom plan as indicated by your business' needs, whatever the call volume or goal. Solstar is always on the lookout for proficient coordinated efforts that work both ways. Let’s start up a business friendship in view of the most perfect wholesale VoIP termination service and technology.


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